Building Brand Consistency

Signage is often the first impression customers have with your company. Branding inconsistencies raise questions that affect your business.

Is it Time to Refresh your Brand?

A brand refresh typically involves restyling your logo, changing the color palette and/or font, and perhaps adding or modifying the tagline

Remove my Sign; Pretty Simple, Right?

Property managers and landlords don’t like holes in their fascias. Also, a phenomenon called “ghosting” leaves the outline of the sign on the wall.

Signage Logos & Colors

A brand’s logo shape and color palette are designed to create certain feelings and emotions.

The Convergent Future

In today’s retail environment, it’s about surviving. Resist change and go the way of the dinosaur.

Is Neon Dead?

So, you love the look of authentic neon, but you want to avoid the risk and high energy costs? What are your options?